The Water Institute’s WaSH Policy Research Digest

Since 2009, Markus Wilhelm has served as the chief executive officer of Strata Solar, LLC, one of the top solar providers in the United States. Beyond leading the Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based company, Markus Wilhelm supports the work of a number of organizations, including The Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, a group that works around the globe to improve access to safe water.

In addition to its research and educational activities, The Water Institute produces the WaSH Policy Research Digest. Developed to promote investment in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) sector, the digest provides an accessible resource to help decision-makers around the world develop effective policy to address the needs of communities facing WaSH challenges.

Consisting of two sections, each issue of the WaSH Policy Digest focuses on recently published research surrounding WaSH policy, and provides a directory to additional resources on the topic. The Digest is published quarterly and can be found on The Water Institute at UNC’s website: