Strata Solar Secures Utility-Scale Solar Contract with Alabama Power

Alabama Power pic
Alabama Power

Markus Wilhelm uses expertise in business leadership and solar energy to serve as the CEO of Strata Solar, LLC, based in North Carolina. At Strata Solar, Markus Wilhelm helps organizations meet clean renewable energy goals by creating and installing utility-scale solar energy systems.

Recently, Strata Solar was granted the engineering, procurement, and installation contract for Alabama Power’s first utility-scale solar facilities. With approval from the Alabama Public Service Commission, Alabama Power and Strata Solar will construct a 10.6 MW AC solar facility at both Fort Rucker Army Base and Anniston Army Depot. Strata Solar has scheduled installation to begin in the first quarter of 2016.

According to Wilhelm, Strata Solar looks forward to working on projects that will help the Fort Rucker Army Base and Anniston Army Depot their meet energy independence goals. The company is also eager to use its extensive experience implementing utility-scale projects to help Alabama Power build its electricity portfolio.


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