USI Collaborates on Solar Project Benefitting San Ramon Art School

Markus Wilhelm has spent more than six years as chief executive officer at the nation’s most comprehensive solar company, Solar Strata, LLC. In addition to his work with Solar Strata, Markus Wilhelm engages with a number of industry groups and charities, including the United Solar Initiative.

The United Solar Initiative (USI) partnered with Solar Strata and the Appalachian State Department of Technology and Environmental Design to install a solar panel system at the San Ramon Arts School, which serves local children in San Ramon, Nicaragua. USI and a local Suni Solar team outfitted the arts building with a trio of 80 watt photovoltaic solar panels as well as 15 LED lights.

The advantages of the successful installation were immediately apparent. Rosario Gonzales, the school’s director, cited improved security and the ability to offer night sessions as two of the biggest benefits made possible by the new solar system. Gonzales also acknowledged the financial savings resulting from the solar panels and cost-effective LED lighting.


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